Fate of the Furious – Movie Review

So overall, this film was great! Seriously. Unfortunately however, because I’m writing a movie review, I’m obliged to say a bit more than that. Thus, this brings me to talk about the things in the movie that I didn’t like. I know. I know. The negative things in a film, or the negative things in anything in general shouldn’t get more attention then the positive things. I hate being a cynic and bringing up the negative side. I totally understand that but I felt the following topics were the things in the film that stood out the most. Caution: the parts I’m about to describe contain spoilers.

I’ll start by saying that the acting in this film was satisfactory and convincing, with the exception of Chris “Ludacris” bridges.

I felt the story itself was rather trite. The female villain in the film, Cipher, seemed more preoccupied with destroying the protagonist, Dom than achieving her main goal of international terrorism. Dom caught up with one of the Cipher’s henchman in an alley in a city. The henchman was pointing a gun directly at Dom’s wife. Dom then pointed his gun at the henchman’s head at which point the henchman lowered his gun and walked away. Dom followed, leaving his wife behind, and the two men finished their heist by escaping with a briefcase containing nuclear codes. Later, on Cipher’s airplane headquarters, Cipher decided to punish Dom for defending his wife by having her henchman shoot his Dom’ son’s mother in the head (a different woman), an act which is although predictable for a stereotypical villain in a movie, made no practical sense. It did not seem to bring Cipher any closer to achieving her ultimate goal.

Her ultimate goal, by the way, was rather vague. Cipher wanted nuclear codes, but she didn’t explain exactly why she wanted them other than for the reason that she wanted to “hold governments accountable” assumingly by devastating national capitals with retaliatory nuclear strikes, a line of logic that is neither immediately clear nor relatable to the audience.  It was your quintessential movie plot where the villain just wants to take over the world for reasons not really imparted to the audience other than she’s evil. This part of the movie surprisingly stood out because in recent years, Hollywood actually has done a very convincing job of conveying the rational of the motives of the antagonist, not only the motives of the protagonist.

I have to admit also: the special effects in this movie are sublime with one small exception which probably only I could notice. I could plainly tell that the high speed car chase scenes in this movie were shot while the cars were going relatively slowly. It stole a sense of reality from the film.

Finally, Fate of the Furious is a totally entertaining film which I give a “yes.” Definitely worth the price of admission. The escape factor in this movie is huge.


Movie Review – “John Wick 2”

Sadly, I have to give this movie a no. There were definitely many elements in the first John Wick movie that were not carried on in the second.

Movie Review [Spoilers] – “A Cure for Wellness”

True, twentieth century fox has come out with some good pictures, however this was definitely not one of them. I have to give this movie a no. Let me put it this way, the antagonist in this movie turned out to be a reptilian-human hybrid pretending to be a psychiatrist.

I anticipated that this movie was going to essentially be the same “shutter island,” so I was nicely surprised when this movie differentiated itself from the other.

Where to start, first of all: There could be the very real possibility that I simply can not intellectually understand the story which could explain why I didn’t like it. However, in the scenario that that is not the case, this movie was totally confusing and raises question after question. When the psychiatric staff held down Lockhart and drilled his tooth out, how come in the next scene he has all of his teeth back? After the chief doctor forced Lockhart to drink fluid containing live eels, why did that suddenly turn Lockhart into a submissive patient? If the chief doctor really is a reptilian creature disguising himself as a human, does he even have a penis with which to rape Hannah? What does he have going on down there?