The Universe

Is Earth the only planet in the universe capable of sustaining life or is Earth the very origin point from which life will expand to conquer the universe?


Free Will… again

The physical non-living world around us is governed by the laws of nature. Water, due to the force of gravity, will move from a point of higher elevation to a point of lower elevation if it is permitted, but what if humans come along and erect a dam or divert the flow of water to go somewhere else? When we humans do something to our environment, is that action a complex manifestation of the physical and chemical laws of nature or are we separated from the non-living world in the sense that we choose to take a specific course of action through our own volition and free will? Does free will only exist for humans?

Blurb about Life’s Purpose

[This passage was originally written in 2014. This does not necessarily reflect my view today.]

To forsake one’s own pursuit of family and to abandon the pursuit of wealth in order to fully apply one’s self to ensure other people have the opportunity to pursue their own interests is a higher cause than pursuing one’s own self-interests. We owe the forefathers who died for their racial kinfolk and who died for their grandchildren the greatest debt of all.