[This passage was originally written in 2013/2014. This does not necessarily reflect my view today.]

Why is immigration wrong? Good question you ask. It is wrong because it destroys cultures and nations. If you relocate one group of people who are innately different in opinion, taste, history, culture, language and behavior to another region populated by different people, those people would naturally disagree with each other. Don’t blame natural people of the land for resenting foreigners. When you mix together two innately different cultures, you wind up with neither.

When you place a large group of people from say, China into historically European-Canadian Toronto, the culture developed by the six generations of European Canadians is wiped out. An overlooked fact is that not only do the European-Canadians lose their culture, the first generation of Chinese immigrants also grow up not being able to speak Chinese.

The fundamental principle of immigration is wrong. Russia and Mongolia share a border. If twenty million Russians crossed the border illegally into Mongolia and made settlement there, would it be racist of the Mongolians to try to enforce their border laws and remove the aliens? No. Of course not.

At it’s core, immigration is a means to replace the natural citizens of a country. We, those citizens, do not want to be replaced. We don’t want our culture and nation turned around.

There was once a philosophy, whereby one must have gained consent of the people in a land to which he is migrating, in order to live there. Immigration is not a right nor entitlement, it is a privilege.

The number of immigrants currently coming into the United States and Canada as well as to Europe, Australia and several other European nations needs to be reduced to five percent of what the number is now. No more than sixty thousand immigrants into the United States per year.

Being opposed to immigration does not have to be a racial issue. I am opposed to any mass immigration be it from Poland, or southern India.


State of Mind

I believe that I and others are conditioned to think in a certain way that is never talked about in North America. From an early age to the present time, the omnipresence in our schools and on the internet and on the TV of the promotion of the party line is an ocean that one can drown in. The goal is to condition us to have metaphorical handicaps on our minds within a very rigid mindset. We are basically taught about we can think about and what we cannot and how we should and shouldn’t think about those things. Seemingly, all individuals in North America want to get you, the individual, to think in a certain way. Their way. However, the status quo in North America is politically correct, one that is precisely opposite to abstract thought. All of the great minds of our ancestors and history have created such things like the automobile, toaster, or airplane in a sheer and pure state of abstract thought. Those minds were the peak form of abstract and free thought.

North Americans are involved in a vicious war of the mind. I find that my battle isn’t so much thinking about ground-breaking things and things that would progress our society, but rather mentally fighting simply for the right to do so. We in north America, I believe, are engaged in a war of the mind where in which our goal is simply to have the freedom to think in a free and abstract way, let alone to think about material progression and how we can progress our lives and our nation and our people and our purpose.  We’re not even at that stage yet, because as we all know, first we must be born and enveloped in a mindset of abstract and independent and enlightened and free thought to make any progress whatsoever.