Movie Review [Spoilers] – “A Cure for Wellness”

True, twentieth century fox has come out with some good pictures, however this was definitely not one of them. I have to give this movie a no. Let me put it this way, the antagonist in this movie turned out to be a reptilian-human hybrid pretending to be a psychiatrist.

I anticipated that this movie was going to essentially be the same “shutter island,” so I was nicely surprised when this movie differentiated itself from the other.

Where to start, first of all: There could be the very real possibility that I simply can not intellectually understand the story which could explain why I didn’t like it. However, in the scenario that that is not the case, this movie was totally confusing and raises question after question. When the psychiatric staff held down Lockhart and drilled his tooth out, how come in the next scene he has all of his teeth back? After the chief doctor forced Lockhart to drink fluid containing live eels, why did that suddenly turn Lockhart into a submissive patient? If the chief doctor really is a reptilian creature disguising himself as a human, does he even have a penis with which to rape Hannah? What does he have going on down there?