Animal Cruelty

[Originally composed in 2015]

Animals, in fact, do have rights. While those rights are different than the rights entitled to humans, animal rights encompass everything that the animal naturally needs. This includes the right of the animal not to be physically disfigured or have an part of its physical being altered before death. We must grant animals with the freedom to move about as they would with others of their own kind in a free and open space. We must abolish the clipping of birds’ wings and beaks, the tagging and branding of animals, and even the practice of spading and neutering domestic animals.
Furthermore, all animals of poultry, livestock or swine must be anesthetized before any slaughter to ensure there is no pain suffered.
Violators of animal rights are violators of the principles and canons of our civilized folk and must be punished. Those who abuse their power to deliberately harm a defenseless animal should be punished with the strictest of wrath.