Rob Ford

Rob Ford won his mayoral election because he was a populist: a large number of people supported him. So when the media railed against him every day, they were completely delusional in thinking they accurately represented the views of the majority of Canadians. Whenever the media takes up a stance that is so obviously contrary to public opinion, they are only discrediting themselves. The Canadian mainstream media wasn’t just anti-Rob Ford. The media by being anti-Rob Ford being was anti-Canadian. They did it out of a hatred for Canadians. Those who run the Canadian mainstream media do not want Canadians to be properly represented by their politicians. Rob Ford represented the better part of Toronto.

What exactly did Rob Ford do to anyone that was so bad? He got rid of the vehicle registration tax and privatized garbage pick up in the east wing. Does anybody even care about these issues, let alone care about them enough to hate a person over it? I have never met in real life one person who dislikes Rob Ford.

The media held Rob Ford to a ridiculously high standard. Sure, he didn’t fullfill all of his promises. Was Rob Ford superman? No, of course not. Who exactly are we comparing him to? He was awful compared to whom? Olivia Chow? As if she could run the city better than Rob Ford. John Tory? The only decent thing he has done in his term is legalized Uber.

The media dumped on Rob Ford every day as if these dumb reporters could do a better job in running the largest city in Canada than the elected mayor. As Obama said, “grab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office” if you think you can do a better job. I believe the main reason the media hated Rob Ford so much was because of the fact that he wasn’t corrupt.

He wasn’t a bad guy. He was a good guy. If you met him in person, you might even like him, but he was portrayed as a villain. He didn’t deserve the mistreatment that he got from the media and he didn’t deserve to die.