“I got you”

Music Video Here: “I got you” by Bebe Rexha

I think I might have another hypothesis as to why muslim men developed the notion that a woman’s body should be completely covered. For example: when I behold the body of Bebe Rexha in the music video “I got you”, I am naturally overcome with lust and desire, and yet I know deep down that I will never be able to enjoy her sumptuous treasures. This creates a vacuum of desire that tortures and torments. This isn’t just the case with Bebe Rexha, but something that is systemic in our culture. This type of disallowance isn’t fair to me nor men in general. Covering women up is an understandable and viable option to ameliorate the pain of lacking something we so readily crave.

If only there were a drug which could satiate such cravings in the way medicine is prescribed to smokers.