Are we growing too strong for democracy and the pathetic limited powers our system grants us? In every man, lies an unknown aptitude and intelligence and a capacity to lead. Are we are growing too powerful for the artificial prisons in which we are meant to be housed? Every man has a right and a will and a destiny to be active in the exercising of political power. In a liberal democracy, the pathetic political power that men are afforded is a mere “X” next to the corrupt name of a politician on a ballot. In doing so, he literally relinquishes over his God-given right to participate in the ruling of a nation to someone else. This is why democracy is wholly flawed to its bitter core.

We, European men, as children, do not discern the differences between our own aptitudes and the aptitudes of non-Europeans. When we grow older, we all notice physical and mental developments which escape the rules of our emasculating egalitarian culture with which we have been chained down. The natural intelligence, beauty and physical strength we develop as we grow older, even in a modern egalitarian world, allows us to see glimpses of the lives our ancestors lived, and the lives we are biologically designed to be living.

Men, we must seize our natural course. Few of us realise the gifts with which our forefathers have blessed us. Believe it or not, a sun shines upon us. If we could only see it. We must fight for a culture in which we do not squander our physical and mental gifts, rather a culture in which they are harnessed and wielded to their full godlike potential. Why? To move worlds. That’s why.

This is why people are apathetic about voting. Perhaps they don’t want to give the political power they are entitled to over to a bureaucrat. Personally and collectively, democracy effectively strips from our very hands, the political power to which we are entitled. Perhaps, we ought to start developing a system whereby citizens vote on specific legislation itself instead of employing the corrupt politician to do it.

Although most kingdoms and monarchies in the past have been totalitarian in nature, most of those monarchs and kings represent the organic alphas of a societal group and are truly derived of those people. In this sense, the alpha is representative of his subjects and is therefore responsible for the well-being and sustenance of his subjects.